February 23rd, 2007

monkey pirate

Scamming the Scammers

I'm so annoyed, but I'm going to make the best of it.

I put my old T-Mobile MDA up for sale on Ebay. There's nothing wrong with the phone, and in fact, I wish I could still use it- but I had to switch to Verizon because of the bad reception in Venice. So anyway, the same day I put it up, someone buys it at the "buy it now" price. And... I get an email from this guy in that weird quasi-English so typical of the Nigerian bank scams explaining that this gentleman "Mark R. Smith" is buying the phone to send to his son, who is living in Nigeria. Would I please ship it to him in Nigeria, and then send the bill to Mr. Smith? Peculiar, no? A little research - Mr. Smith has never before conducted any transactions on Ebay, and created his account the day of the auction. He says he works for the Nigerian embassy...but is located in Miami. Nigeria has an embassy in Miami? Doubtful.

Obviously if I'm stupid enough to send the phone, I'll never see it again. I'm tempted to send them something really heavy, postage-due. But instead, I responded that, since I'm so busy overseeing the Hollywood International Upcoming Director's Fund, giving grants of $234,000.00 to $487,000.00 to up-and-coming International film-makers, that I can't ship internationally. It's quite a pity that Mr. Smith's son isn't a would-be director, because then I could send him the phone with his applications packet for the film board grant - providing, of course, that he sends me proof that he is really a film-maker by recording a particular scene that the Board of Trustees has chosen to demonstrate talent.

If he falls for it, I'm going to make him stage an all-Nigerian production of "Creation of Man" from the Scarlet Pimpernel. Then I'll post the video on youtube, for your viewing pleasure.

In the mean time, I'll re-list my phone for sale. Consarn scammers.
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Scamming the Scammer, step 1

In particular I'm proud of the moniker: SantaMonica Coimmercial Arts Management fund.
I am now trying to get this asshole to try and enter the "film competition" and make a little movie for me.
He sent me a fake message from paypal, claiming to put the funds in escrow - but I logged on to paypal, and of course, there's no such transaction on my account.

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Oh boy - alredy a response:
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