February 13th, 2007

monkey pirate

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

You know, from time to time I fancy I'm a writer. And as a writer, hearing about new ways to get one's works out is exciting. For instance, there's sites like Monster Island, where author David Wellington serialized his zombie story of the same name. I've discovered a new way of delivering media, and with it - an amazing new book by Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing fame.

The site is DailyLit , and it delivers a chunk of any book you subscribe to, every day, on whatever days you tell it to. Want to constrain your reading to non-work hours? It'll deliver via email in the evenings or or on weekends. Want a post-lunch time killer? It'll deliver at 1pm, every day. It's such a great idea, and the technology has existed for so long, it's a wonder no one came up with this before. Of course, authors have to be willing to license their works under a Creative Commons agreement - meaning other artists can do what they want with it, so long as they don't make money.

Anyway, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is a sparkling sci-fi novel set in a future of nothing but leisure and ease. (Hear that maeris, a book with a happy future!) The world has free energy, and anyone can live for as long as they choose in the "Bitchun Society" - an ad hocracy wherein the only coin of commerce is "whuffie" - a measure of the respect of your peers. Do cool stuff, or even just be really interesting - and you'll have all the money you need. The characters live in Disneyland (making it a natural story for joemorf) that's been taken over by well-meaning enthusiasts who run the park by committee. An old associate of the protagonist, once a vibrant swashbuckling hero who brought the joys of the Bitchun Society to the last vestiges of old-world tech, returns, defeated and ready to give up entirely. Not just to "dead head" for 10,000 years like some of the folks who'd seen too much, but to actually die - and unthinkable tragedy.

I've only gotten a dozen chunks or so delivered, but having a nice little story to read while absorbing coffee and gearing up in the morning is a real delight. I highly recommend both DailyLit and specifically, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
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monkey pirate

Theatrical Credits

crapdaddy  is in a production of "The Scarlet Pimpernel" and has successfully convinced me to come audition tonight.
I have decided to do so - but am going to submit an entirely farcical theatrical resume. I want to include credits on this resume that will get a laugh out of the theatrical people for their sheer implausibility - but still sound like credits that someone somewhere actually has. For instance -

David Van Osten - Serious Actor - Triple Threat
Lead Dancer - Modern Movement Review - Harlem Dance Troupe

Okay, update - I did it. Here it is, for your enjoyment!
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