January 31st, 2007

monkey pirate

Good Start

What was just supposed to take a couple of hours last night, turned into working until 3AM. Thanks to the wonders of VPN though, I managed to do it from home - which means I'm caught up on Rome, Battlestar Galactica and Heroes (Amazing, so-so and pathetic, in that order) organize a bunch of Vs. cards, and read a bit.

As a result I got up late, and headed for work right around lunch time. I stopped off at The Sidewalk Cafe on the boardwalk for lunch. I love that they have dishes named after writers - and today it was bright and warm so the patio was open with the sunshades up. I had a delicious lunch, a couple of good cups of coffee, and sat with an excellent book ("The Confusion" by Neal Stephenson - calculus! pirates! intrigue! alchemists! did i mention pirates?) The sky was abysmally blue - not a cloud in the sky. The Pacfic was sparkling, like each little wavelet was anxious to be recognized as the prettiest one. (cue dying samurai: "They're all perfect...")

Just as I finished my last cup of coffee, I reached the end of a chapter - a perfect stopping place. It's the little pleasures that do it - grand adventures and towering passions are all well and good. Give me the sun, the sky, the glittering Pacific, a good cup of coffee and a well-written book, though - and I'll give you a good day right back.
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