January 18th, 2007

monkey pirate

VERY important

This is an important message

So who's on WOW?
I got the expansion, I spent 12 hours patching, and I want to play. But I want to play with friends.
I want to go to a server where people are actually playing. I don't want to make a character and have the guild evaporate in five minutes, and everyone else start playing on different servers because this other friend of theirs is on it, and they'll have fun there. No, I want to go to one server, make one character, and play the danged game.

So who's with me? Where do I go?


We now return you to your usual, nerd-free day.
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monkey pirate


Ok, I made an Alliance shaman on the korialstrasz.
Me and two other locals are going to start a guild - and actually play the game, not wander all over the Wowosphere with alts.
Join us there!
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