December 27th, 2006

monkey pirate

Go Bag

I'm getting ready for the Zombie Appocalypse. Are you?

I'm putting together my Anti-Zombie go-bag. You know, so when Z-Day comes, I can just head for the hills and not have to hesitate. Of course, I'm constrained by what it's legal to carry day-to-day, so I can't include the obligatory shotgun or high-caliber handgun (which I don't even own, anyway) - but this is what I've got so far. The list is far from complete, so tell me folks, what am I missing? Items in italics are stuff I know I need, but just haven't got yet.

Flashlight (battery, disposable)
Spotlight (car-battery powered, attaches to front and back of vehicle)
Bungee Cords (6)
First-Aid / Field Surgery kit.
Duct-tape (with skull and crossbones on it!)
Chemical lightsticks
50' of rope. (bouyant)
sleeping bag
gallon of water
3 MRE's
clean socks

field table
Light-blind for car interior.
Hand-crank operated emergency radio
hand-crank operated cell-phone recharger

So what am I missing?
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