December 25th, 2006

monkey pirate

Christmas Magic

The Eagles vs. Cowboys. The Eagles two biggest star players from their Superbowl turn - Donovan McNabb and T.O. are no longer playing; Donovan out with an inury for the rest of the season and perhaps the next one as well, and T.O. is actually on the Cowboys.

The Cowboys are hated in Philadelphia like sodomites are hated at a G.O.P. convention. That the divisive player and some would say, low down rotten scoundrel, T.O. is now playing for Dallas only adds fuel to that fire - and believe me, when it comes to Philadelphia sports fans, hate comes easily, volubly and without surcease.

Update: The Eagles have officially had a good season - in both of their annual games against Dallas, they beat the Cowboys. Anything else they do is just gravy.
A win against the Cowboys would truly be a Christmas Miracle.
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