December 5th, 2006

monkey pirate

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The body is mysterious.

The cold caught up with me on Thanksgiving  Day. I was feverish and miserable all that long weekend, and then recovered the following week - only to relapse last Friday seriously, and stay down with the sickness all weekend. Last night I was keeping myself up coughing - and consequently irritating the cat, who decamped from her usual spot next to me for the couch with an indignant glare; my illness is clearly not convenient for her. I tried sitting up, I tried laying down - whatever I did, sticky phlegm was rattling around in my lungs.

...and then it just stopped. What happened? Did I suddenly cough out the last of it? Did my tired bronchioles just give out on being irritated? Mysterious. At least I finally got to sleep.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired - I'm quite ready to get over this.
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monkey pirate

Pirate Video!

I have to turn in a video to the pirate reality show on Friday. I found this out today, Tuesday. I don't have a video camera!
I need help!
I need someone with a video camera to help me make a short video, and put it in an edited, workable form tomorrow and thursday - to turn in on Friday.
Anyone? Anyone? Please?
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