November 27th, 2006

monkey pirate

The Ocean

I make a point of going to look at the Pacific every day.

It's pretty easy - just a few steps out the door. Half a block if I really want to get down there and hear the surf crashing.

Last night it rained. I woke up to it - I heard the strangest sound. Water, falling out of the sky! And I missed it, curse the luck. But when I got up this morning and walked down to take a look at the ocean, it was the most remarkable color. The sky was still cloudy, the winds were blowing strong off of the water. The ocean close to land was a dark, grey-blue - the color of wet slate. But off on the horizon where the clouds broke, at the very point where the sea and the sky meet - it was bright, brilliant, silver blue.

I had a girlfriend once, who's eyes were just like that. In her absence, I'm happy to have the ocean to look at. It'll do, she's always there.
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