October 13th, 2006

monkey pirate

LotR read-along

You know, I get ethused with things. (I prefer "enthused" over "obsessed", thanguverramuch)

Sometimes those enthusiasism are fleeting. (Triathlon) Sometimes they last a life time. Lord of the Rings is one of those life-long ethusiasms. I started re-reading Fellowship this morning. It happened in conjunction with another enthusiasm - I was minding my own business drivng to work when a sign on a Jack In the Box controlled my mind and made me drive in, park, and get a pumpkin pie milkshake. It's not my fault, but I am half-an-hour late for work.

Anyway, in just starting to read the prologue I felt like I was visiting with a dear old friend I'd been too long departed from. The movies are all well and good, but the Professor's language is a soaring sort of beautiful that a visual medium simply can not convey. (And let me pre-empt wickedthought here with a happy "STFU!" As Mr. Tolkien himself says, "Some critics and readers have found my work atrocious or unreadable, by which I am bothered not at all. After all, I might say for myself the same about the type of writing which they prefer.")

So, I'm thinking of doing a re-read and writing a bit here as I progress. I'm inclined to do so out of a desire to share my love of the books, and maybe gain some additional insight from other's perceptions of the same. I don't imagine that I might enlighten anyone, but perhaps through drawing their attention to the works, they might find their own new discoveries as well. Such work is best done with friends, and altogether sort of pointless if done alone. If you folks, therefore, are interested, I'll comment here as regularly I can. If not, I'll keep my thoughts and enthusiasms to myself. In any case, all analysis will behind a cut so as not to overly clutter my friends' friends page.

So, without further ado, a poll:

Poll #844014 Tolkien Read-along

Are you interested in reading thoughts on "Lord of the Rings" as I re-read it?

Yes, I am interested and will read your analysis.
No, I am not interested.
Yes, I am interested - and want to read along and participate.
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monkey pirate

First LotR discussion

Ok, enough people are interested that it's definitely worth posting up here, rather than just nattering privately. So, I'm going to post my first analysis this coming Sunday. I'm just going to cover the Prologue to Lord of the Rings, found in the book "Fellowship of the Ring".

The prologue is short, and written in Tolkien's own voice, but it's rich in details and has some very telling hints and intimations in it. When announcing ahead of time which chunk I'm going to discuss, I'll use Tolkien's own delineations rather than those of any particular published edition - that way, whatever you've got laying around at home, you can use and still keep up.

I'll try and do a post a week, probably on Sundays - and tackle one "Book" per post. Maybe more or less, depending on the length and/or import of the book in question.

See you all on Sunday, by which time I hope to have a LotR-appropriate icon!
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