September 13th, 2006


My Favorite Superhero

I know this is something the world has been worried about. But I've finally picked a favorite superhero.

It's been on mind. Between playing a lot of Vs. with daogre and scottgardner, and being gifted by a vast raft of digital-form comics from The Hobbit, I've been rediscovering the comic-book geekiness of my youth. Comics are an expensive habit, so I've never been anything but a desultory collector - except for the heyday of the 80's, when I was a pretty avid nerd. But one thing that always set me apart from the serious comic book nerds was that I never had a favorite. I tried various favorites on for size - for a while I thought maybe Wolverine..but then, everyone liked Wolverine back then. Then maybe Batman...but nah, same deal - too common. Besides, Bats has issues. Spider-Man definitely a contendor - a skinny nerd who can't talk to girls? With superpowers? Awesome! But something just didn't click there. Green Lantern? Hawkman? Superman? (Definitely not - Supes is just booooring.) It's a dilemma. So I turned to an expert.

If you haven't read Chris's Invincible Super-blog you're really missing out. It's your daily shot of karate bearfighting. No really, check it out. So I wrote to Chris, and he sent an incredibly detailed answer - and finally came up with an answer. I'll cut for your sanity's sake - but our back-and-forth is below.

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So there you have it folks. My favorite superhero is Captain America.
Now, to find an appropriate icon.
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