September 8th, 2006


Fortress of Solitude

The ad was simple "Westwood, 1br/1ba +loft, private patio." The address was in a neighborhood I really like, literally around the corner from nephandi, a short walk to Westwood Village which is a really cool, hip place to just walk around and not feel misanthropic. With high hopes, I went to look at the place.

My expectations did not come close to matching the reality. As a refreshing change of place, it wildly exceeded my expectations. The place is huge - the cieling a soaring, vaulted affair that seems like an airplane hangar. There is a window from floor to cieling that bathes the place in light, and faces the Western city all the way out to the ocean, which maybe on a clear day I could see on the horizon. Behind the cavernous living room is a spiral staircase leading up to a loft. The loft is quite large, too, and has the added appeal of being, well... a loft. There's a double-door leading from the loft out onto a private patio - a portion of the roof of the building that is walled off and privacy-fenced. It's about the size of a tennis court, and looks like the sort of eyrie from which a superhero would brood over the city he is pledged to protect.

Mentally, I imagine putting my glass dining-room table in the middle of the living room, and nothing else. The high white walls, light carpet, vast window and glass table would look like the sort of setting where maybe the Justice League of America would meet.

So yeah, I want to live there. I put in my application. The application process is rigorous, but unless they are absurdly picky, I should be ok. They may well be absurdly picky, however. I really hope I get this place.

UPDATE: Rejected
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And a siting...

I forgot to add that when nephandi and I walked around looking for noodles, and then on a fruitless quest for rum-and-milkshakes, I saw Mary McDonnel - President Roslin from Battlestar Galactica, walking down the street. My first instinct was to just salute and say "Madam President." (I didn't)