January 10th, 2006



This article, yanked from the lovely fenriss is simply amazing.

It sounds like pure balderdash, frankly - but it's a technology based on the work of a Nazi mad-scientist (who, scarred and mentally traumatized by a lab-accident in his teens, sought to work in secret) who theorized that a highly charged rotating magnetic field over a superconducting ring would create a "new" force from a dimension of space that would counteract gravity. Sufficient magnetic charge could not only negate the earth's grativational field, allowing a spacecraft to serently float off the planet - but also enter a dimension of space (really, to interact with additoinal dimensions) that have different laws of physics, allowing a five hour round-trip to Mars, for instance, or 80 day round trip to the nearest star.

Even if it is the ravings of a madman (well, it IS the ravings of a madman, I suppose I mean the innacurate ravings of a madman) it's still nuttily plausible enough to make for great fiction. Read the article!