December 1st, 2005


I dream I am a Frost Dragon

In another first for my dreaming life, last night I dreamt I was a Frost Dragon. I was glittering blue and white, and when I concentrated and breathed hard, it would freeze into solid ice. After I breathed ice, it would make me wheeze asthmatically a bit, so I tried not to do it too often.

I don't remember many details, but I do remember at one point trying to quickly breathe up a wall of ice in a mountain pass so I could have some rest and peace. However, the ice was taking a long time to accumulate; it would cover a wide area quickly, creating Instant Skating Rink - but trying to get it to pile up was hard. A bunch of adventurers snuck up on me while I was busily breathing away, and when I realized I wasn't going to be able to wall them off from me, I thought, "Oh bother." - especially since I was wheezing from my ice-breathing efforts.

Then I pounced on them.
monkey pirate

Paging Dr. Adamson

In going through a routine checkup, my doctor (a nutty old Navy doctor from the Old School) sent me to get blood tests and whatnot from a lab.

There's a checklist at the bottom that has all the stuff the lab is supposed to check. Right there on the list - I mean, in plain English (!) it says:

[ ] Occult Blood

I'm not getting tested for that. Is that good or bad? What other tests are there that are too specialized to put on the form?