November 29th, 2005

monkey pirate


Last week, I was aware of the physical condition of my sleeping body during dreams, which was a new condition to me. Now, I'm starting to think the differences between my waking mind and sleeping mind are getting narrower, because last night my condition in a dream affected my sleeping body.

I had a dream about deserting the Army in Iraq to come home to do something magical that would bring back an innocent kid who had been murdered. In the dream I faked my own death - and when, to my surprise a bunch of people showed up at my grandparent's house to have a memorial service.. I couldn't help but lurk in the area and listen in. The press was there too, and one of them saw me. I bolted for the woods when they caught sight of me, not wanting to get caught. If they caught me, I wouldn't be able to bring back the kid, and I'd be tried as a deserter.

So I wake up right then - just as a massive adrenaline surge hit me as I geared up to flee. I went from dead sleep (and fleeing) to WIDE awake with a system full of delicious fight-or-flight chemical-soup. It took me a long, long time to get back to sleep, I tell ya. That sucked.

I wonder why my waking and dream states are affecting each other so much more, lately.