October 26th, 2005

monkey pirate

Problems and Solutions

Problem: I woke up yesterday and my cellphone was dead.
Solution: Neither Motorola nor T-Mobile will do anything about it. I have to buy a new one at retail price. Joy.
Problem: Cable modem unsyncs and resyncs several times an hour.
Solution: Time-Warner very promptly diagnosed the problem, and sent someone out immediately to replace the modem. Which didn't fix it, problem persists.
Problem: Rejected by McSweeney's.
Solution: Suck it up. Drive on.
Problem: Replacing phone means no money for hotel room at friend's wedding.
Solution: Cancel reservation, drive back and forth night of wedding.
Problem: Getting moved to a different position in the company, a non-technical position. However, I still be on the hook for midnight maintenance calls and 24x7 on-call status.
Solution: Not sure yet.