October 17th, 2005

monkey pirate

Stormy Monday

So this weekend I nearly burned the house down, went to a truly surreal Russian night-club, and worked on (to little effect) an independent film project. Los Angeles' one yearly allotted thunderstorm started last night, and is now occuring outdoors. This has caused widespread panic, and the shutting down of a major traffic artery. (really) The rain is a light drizzle, and there are patches of sun through the clouds - and yet, as a Los Angelino, I must panic.

Greeting me when I walked through the door this morning is the fact that people in India working on disaster relief (and more specifically, the people coordinating fund-raising for them) can't get their email, and only I can fix it. By the way, a major (world's largest) retailer of business software and computer supplies is on the line looking at perhaps 20 to 30 thousand new accounts, and by the way - the CEO is in Greece, and he can't send mail. And all of that before lunch!

At least it's not boring. I simply can not abide boring.