August 24th, 2005

monkey pirate

TV Karma

So, I dismantled the tv last night, pulling apart the complicated web of spliced co-ax cables that festooned the back wall of my room like Spanish moss. I hadn't put the tv itself back in storage yet, out of a sense of sheer inertia... I got home last night when, after a bug-testing fest, I stopped scarfing free pizza to proudly say that we hadn't had one major failure since my birthday. One cow-orker said, "Don't jinx us!" - which I scoffed at, obviously the jinx passed with my birthday.

An hour later, our entire site went down. I got it fixed a little over an hour later, but it meant getting home at 10:30 or so. I was too tired to muck around with the TV and the storage thingy. Citing the professional slackers mantra of "tomorrow!" I went to bed.

Got up this morning, after having slept very poorly if at all. I stumbled through the ritual of squinging the filth off of me in the shower, confirming on the internet that indeed, the world had not fallen to pieces in the night, and that no bad news was waiting in my inbox. Then the doorbell rang.

A squad of cable guys, entirely unasked for - descended on my house to rewire everything so that TV and internet were on different, separate lines. It took less than half an hour. They even stopped to play with the dog, and I was still only about ten minutes late for work.

Now I have TV! Oh great mistress of productivity, prepare to have my already meagre offerings to you drastically reduced!