August 18th, 2005

monkey pirate

Geek Question: Mac, Samba, and XP

A question for the geeks.

I built a server for my cousin's studio, an IBM x-series server with a 1.4tb Raid5 array on four SATA drives, running XP Pro.

He has both XP and Mac OSX clients in the studio. All of them can see and connect to a shared folder on the server.

The XP clients get the kind of performance you'd expect from a GB ethernet LAN - faster than a scalded ape, in short. However, while the Mac machines can mount (via SMB, which is Samba) the shared folder, and can copy and read, and all that good stuff - the performance is dog slow.

I know it's not the drives, because the WinDoze hosts are fast and work as desired. I know it's not the network, for the same reason. I can only assume it has something to do with the way Samba interacts between Mac and PC clients. Does anyone have any experience with this - or suggestions on how to get my performance to be equivalent for both PC and Mac clients? There's a prize in it, for anyone who gives me a correct answer!