July 25th, 2005

monkey pirate

Dislocation 101

I hung out with some new friends yesterday, ran around signing the new lease, and then went back to their house for dinner and to watch a special on Discovery Channel that one of them had done some animation for. We schmoozed afterwards and then packed it in to go home.

Driving down Topanga Canyon Blvd, I elected to take the 101 freeway back to Van Nuys, rather than drive down Burbank ave. Something at that moment struck me - some sense that I was inhabiting some other place and time simultaneously - that even as I was seeing the sign that said, "101 South - Los Angeles" I was seeing a sign that said "76 East - Philadelphia".

The sense of dislocation was acute - I was leaving a place I barely know to go back to a place that isn't home in a city that is still strange to me. Often the strangeness of the new place is exciting - there are countless corners and hidden spots yet to be discovered, here. But last night, I reflected on my drive across the country, countless mile upon thousands of miles of strange sights and an unfamiliar sky.

I have no home, today. But wherever that home is, in the past or in the future, I am far from home.
monkey pirate


I am moving this Sunday, July 31st. Anyone in the L.A. area who can help, I would be much, much obliged. I don't have a lot of stuff (after moving twice in the past six months, once across the country) but there are a few pieces of furniture I need some help with.

The move is only a few miles, and should only take a few hours at most. Your help will get my eternal gratitude, plus food and beer. (or two buck chuck, or soda, your choice!)

Move starts at noon, at my current house, and probably ends around 3pm at the new house! Please help?