May 24th, 2005


Dream Spanish

Last night I dreamt I went back to school at UCLA. I was living in the dorms there, and most of the students were much younger, and spoke only Spanish.

The RA came in, and saw me, a newcomer, there. He said "Hola! Bienvenido!" Everyone around me was speaking Spanish, too. He then told them (en espanol) "Everyone come to the day room. Come on. As a pack!"

Here's the thing, I don't speak Spanish. But in my dreams, I can, because obviously all the people in the dream are just in my head, it's not like there are people in there that can speak languages that I can't, dig? This tells me that A: my conscious mind struggles with Spanish but my subconscious doesn't. Crazy, huh? What else would I be capable of if my conscious mind weren't standing in the way? Luminous beings are we.

The other thing that I realized is that I need to get back to school. That would be a good reason to stay in Los Angeles - to go on to grad school. No reason not to, either, school's cheap here in Cali. And UCLA may not be a great school, but it's cool. So yeah, that's what I was needing - something to head towards.