April 18th, 2005



Last night, as if in some sort of spiritus mundi, or strange resonance from events around the world, I dreamt that I was hastily chosen as one of the electors of the new Pope. I used my insider's knowledge of the elections to try and get myself elected, but the other Cardinals were strangely resistant. I was not consciously aware that the Cardinal's conclave had begun until this morning when I heard it on the news.

Two Cardinals enter, one Cardinal leaves!

Poll #477322 Sistine Octagon

Who should exit the Sistine Octagon as the enew Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church

revsaintmichael - who advocates lipstick for altar boys, ball gags for all woomen on church grounds, celibacy for all Catholics, not just priests, and a return to pre-Vatican II, medieval canonical law.
aghrivaine - the People's Pope, a Pontiff for the Rest of Us!