April 14th, 2005

monkey pirate


This is utterly trivial, but I'm so jazzed on coffee, tea, and Krispy Kremes that I can't really order my head enough to articulate a particularly deep thought. But there's thing that bugs me - nasty old sponges.

Go to your sink. Pick up that sponge that's sitting there, ostensibly to clean with. Sniff it. NASTY! It's like a little germopolis, a gleaming urban center for germs. You're not cleaning anything off of anything with that filthy thing, nosirree Bob! I think of this at the moment because I just cleaned my coffee mug with the narsty sponge in the break room, and not only did my mug stink like fetid, rotting spongebob germtrousers -- but it stuck to my hands, too.

I went to the bathroom and washed my hands like a surgeon getting ready to do groin surgery on the President, and still that icky smell is emanating from my mitts. Yuck. Dirty rotten sponges! Yuck!