December 10th, 2004

monkey pirate


Wednesday night, the Tuesday night crowd and I made a pilgrimage up to the home of all meaty goodness, Julie's steakhouse. (introduced to me by howmandu) Once upon a time, The Hobbit and I roadtripped up there and got a 96oz steak between the two of us. It came out on a sizzling platter, and as the waitress carried it to our table, people in the dining room stopped and stared. As we tucked into it, they all watched with held breath. I don't know what they were waiting for, frankly.

So, we were determined to recapture glories gone by. Alas, the menu has changed it - it used to be that you'd order steak and they'd bring you a plate of sizzling dead cow, maybe a scrap of potatoes or something - and you'd get a pickle on the table. If you wanted more vegetables, you were welcome to patronize the diner down the street. But no more! Now there is page after page of shamefully non-beefsteak entrees, and one short paragraph of steaks. Every steak comes with salad, two sides, and a potato. It's disgraceful!

 Anyway, we ordered a 144oz steak. I was sure they would bring out a surfboard with a side of beef on it... but no, they cut it up into smaller steaks when they cook it. So how do we know it was actually ever 144oz, huh? That is, by the way, nine pounds of steak. 
yagathai made several brave comments like, "but what will you guys order?" . But at the end of the night, we were all a bunch of
candy-asses. I couldn't even finish my first serving.  I said a few words, letting these guys know how much I  valued them - for ten years
we've been gaming together ... Mark, Howard, Lex, Brian, Lowell, Mike,  it's been fun, and honor to be your friends and partner in ...
well, not crime. Silliness. Imagination, maybe. Lastly, I read Legolas "Song of the Sea"

Now, I never want to eat meat again!