May 29th, 2003

monkey pirate

Buddha Dances with Dragons

One of the things I want to accomplish in my new house is to have a quiet spot to meditate in. At the old house, the closest I could get was alongside the bed, facing the window in my bedroom. However, in the windowsill was a Darth Vader coin bank, and a stack of books - which might give entirely the wrong impression of prayerful meditation. No, I swear, I was NOT praying to Darth Vader.

Well, at least not after the first time.

I have a corner picked out. Originally I wanted to have a whole half a room, and rope it off with these fun curtains that you can get at Ikea, but once I moved in I realized I had mentally overestimated the space in the den/office that I'd have left over. So I've settled for a corner that is free of bookcases, electronics, and whatnot. I'll put a little table there, and I've been looking for a good Buddha to put up there. I'll get a cushion for sitting on, and a room divider. But where to find a good Buddha?

Ebay, of course! And I found what is obviously the perfect Buddha - he is fat, happy, and dancing with a dragon. Hey, that's my kind of Buddha, man! Here's a picture: Buddha and Dragon.

Won the auction, too. So, soon, Buddha will be laughing with dragons in my little shrine-space. Of course, I still need a table and a cushion, but the important thing here is not that I'm purchasing the tools to meditate, but rather that I'm reserving a space in my living quarters to be meditative. Yeah, the trappings are nice, but a blank wall would be just as good. Unfortunately at the moment, it's cluttered with empty boxes, but once I finish unpacking (a goal that hoves closer day by day) I'll do something with all those boxes.

And there's a question to ponder. Do I break them up and stack them somewhere, to take up space for the next however many years? Do I just throw them out? I don't know anyone else who's moving anytime soon, so I can't just pass along the box karma. I inherited these ones from mr_velvex, after all - and they do have the most fascinating labels on them. "Pre-colombian artifacts, skulls." and "Bedroom spices" and "1960's Computer Brain". I don't know what those things are, but I thoroughly believe that mr_velvex actually has them. So these boxes have already made two moves... can they honorably retire? Boxes are freakin' expensive though, man. It seems a shame to just throw them out. And yet, they take up way too much space. If anyone needs boxes, chime in now. Bear in mind they have strange things written on them.

In other good news, I found my Passport. Whew! It was in my winter coat pocket, of course. Isn't everything in your winter coat pocket when you can't find it? That's what makes the ritual of getting out winter coats so interesting in the late Fall - you never know what you'll find. "My goodness, it's Uncle Ichiro's ashes - I wondered what happened to them!" I also had a good dream last night - aside from the typical dream settings of wandering through a gigantic industrial structure which I was inexplicably living in, the part I remember was agreeing to meet my grandparents downtown to drive with them to see where I work. I told them to meet me in the parking lot of a bank, and when I pulled up, they were standing in front of an ornamental hedge, and dancing together; a cute Charleston-like dance. They were both laughing, and beaming big smiles. I woke up very happy about that dream. In real life my grandparents never danced together, as far as I know.

And I was thinking about that this morning, too. I grew up in a family so profoundly uncomfortable in their own bodies. No one in my family played sports, danced, exercised regularly, or engaged in any sort of pleasure of the senses. We never hugged, or touched each other. Our food was bland, no one drank... heck, no one even went for walks in cool Autumn air or anything of the sort. Mostly life was centered around the TV. No wonder I don't dance today, or take much pleasure in night clubs and the like. It sort of makes me want to go out and learn to dance, and to force myself to enjoy it - just to reject that bloodless and uptight upbringing. As it is I'm the weird one in the family, studying martial arts for years, being a triathlete, enjoying spicy foods. And... um... you know, enjoying physical affection. Well, back when that was something I had to enjoy of course. Sigh.

So anyway - the sun is almost sorta maybe just a little bit out this morning. (It burnssss uss my preciousss!) And in my dreams my grandparents were together, happy, and not uptight. Tonight I will make the very LAST freakin' trip to the old house. And soon, Buddha will be in my house, laughing, and dancing with dragons.

Which is better than slaying them.