May 28th, 2003

monkey pirate

The Schlep

Knowing that I had to stop by at my old house to pick up the (hopefully last) load of odds and ends on the way to the Tuesday night geekout last night, the traffic spirits threw a major snarl in front of me. Sitting on the off ramp from 202 on to the dreaded 76 expressway, I contemplated just how much I hate sitting in traffic.

Just how much do I hate sitting in traffic? A vast, vast amount. Whether it's the constant shift-and-advance, or rude people who zoom past on the shoulder only to merge ahead, or idiots who think they'll somehow get home faster by not letting anyone else merge at an onramp - there are a thousand embuggerances in traffic.

And then there's the next thousand embuggerances of sifting through all the "This is cool but I haven't used it" stuff that's left to sift through. A few things are obvious - I want my printer, I want my winter coats. But old military doctrine manuals? Hmm. It's tedious, particularly in the dark. And then you've got to box it up, drag the boxes out to the car, stuff them all in there, get them home and repeat the process in reverse.

Right now everything in my new apartment is neat and orderly. Nearly everything is unpacked, and everything has a logical place to live that doesn't look cluttered. Everything is clean which is a welcome change. Heck, just stopping by the old place, I could SMELL the mold from all the moisture and darkness. Yeah, it had tons and tons of character, and I will very much miss the grotto and the Arc D'Merde, but I won't miss the dankness and the darkness.

And you know what? I've got to make one more trip. I don't waaaannnnaaaaaa.

But not tonight - I'll unpack what I schlepped home last night, and go to the gym and work myself out into a stupor. Seeing old pictures of me back in my goth-and-skinny days was motivation enough to get out there and lose the weight. No more sugar, no more alcohol. I'll soak in that hot tub though, you betcha.

There are other depressing things at play, things that make me feel small and lonely.... but nothing I particularly want to blather about here. I know what the skillful thing to do is, and I'll do it. But I might grumble about it, by gum. Of course, even grumbling about it isn't terribly skillful, but I guess I'm just not that enlightened.

I am looking forward to getting my bike up and running. This weekend is the First Union bike race in Manayunk, and it looks like an Army buddy of mine and I are going to bike down to Main St. from Valley Forge Park that morning. Watching the race in person is never very illuminating, but it's certainly entertaining. Anyone else who's up for a 25 mile ride or so, with an interval of race-watching, let me know.

But tomorrow night? More schlepping.