May 19th, 2003

monkey pirate

Peregrination of an Urban Geek

One zillion and one thanks you's to yagathai and mr_velvex, as well as Lowell and Filthy Mike for helping with the move. There were some issues with the truck so we got a late start, causing me to miss the Cable guys on the new apartment end. That was the biggest hitch. I'm still a little stressball though, mostly because of the following companies, who I now hate with a burning passion.

  • Roxborough YMCA : They will not let me quit unless I appear phyiscally present, and will charge me for one more month, irregardless. They also raised their rates from $40.00 a month when I joined in August, to $72.00 a month. Which is outrageous.

  • Verizon Phone Company: "Oh no, we did the install on Friday." "Why don't I have a dial tone?" "Oh you do! It says so right here on the install report." "No, I don't." "Hmm. Well, please let me guide you through an hour long odyssesy of transfers and other obfuscatory customer "service" representatives before we decide that you have to leave work to be there for a technician to check things out." (and by "service" they mean "service" like cows are "serviced on the stun-line, I presume.)

  • U-Haul: Bastiches got persnickety about the fact that I had given them my license when I reserved the truck, but didn't have it with me when I picked it up. This delayed the move by an hour-and-a-half.

  • PECO Energy: Want something fixed? Forget it. Want your service turned off? They'll shut you off in the middle of your move, leaving you to pack in stygian darkness. Bastiches!

Hate them, hate them, hate them all! So now I have reschedule the phone install, the cable install, and make a special trip just to berate the YMCA people. GRRRRR. On the plus side, my new apartment is very nice, and thanks to The Hobbit the new furniture is knocked together and in use. I'm about 65% unpacked, I'd say - I now need to hook up electronics, hang clothing, and finish unpacking books. What I'm going to do with sundry electronic support items, like cd's, manuals, etc is a mystery. But for the most part, things went smoothly, but for the above exceptions. The new place is cheery and full of light. The cat is very confused because it's new and different, and in cat-world, new and different is bad bad bad killyouall bad.

Still and all. This feels like a fresh start - like I'm shaking off the dust, tragedy, and woes that hovered over the old place. Not to mention clean water, and enough light to make keeping things clean both possible and necessary. The vibe is good, very good. I think that I will be happy there.
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