May 5th, 2003

monkey pirate

Jeremaid for a Brine Shrimp (was a good friend of mine)

Naturally my sea-monkeys would be different. Not merely brine shrimp, no - they would be harbingers of a new age, a golden era of human and crustacean cooperation, they would forge a brilliant new society based on equality, liberty, tolerance, compassion, and algae. And all from the plastic confines of their Explor-A-Sub.

But alas, it was not meant to be. This world is too cruel for the simple perfection of such enlightened creatures. No sooner had they begun to flourish, and the first signs of a burgeoning society developed, then they were extinguished. I arrived at work this morning to find that all but one of my Sea-Monkey prodigies dead, or missing.

I fear the worst. But I can hope that over the weekend they actually became so evolved and so enlightened, that they went through a crustacean apotheosis, and were transported to a higher, brinier plane. There they swim in placid contemplation, plumbing the depths of knowledge, wisdom, philosophy, and shrimpiness.

Wherever they have gone to - I will miss them.