July 10th, 2002

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[7/10/2002 12:10:41 PM | David Krieger]
Personality Sorter
So due to some discussion both with a potential date, and on "the board" took the Kinsey personality sorter test again today, and got ENFP, which is what my result is usually, though often I turn up as "Unclassifiable" due to how nearly it is that I show up as completely in the middle between F and T and P and J.

Some of the questions about time management and making plans got me to thinking, which gave me a little insight into my own character (which is the only valid reason for taking these silly tests, I think) - anyway, it occurred to me that while I like to have plans to do things, I'm not especially quick about actually making them. I flashed on countless Friday afternoons (my day off) when I sit on the stairs at the top of the landing with the cat, waffling about where I'm going to go for lunch, or what I will eat.

I definitely want to have a plan - I feel the need to know where I'm headed and what I'm going to eat when I get there... and yet, I'm so indecisive that I'll easily distract myself for a long time, just sitting around thinking about it. Sometimes the waffling will last so long that it will be dinner time before I get around to having lunch. Clearly I would make a terrible Hobbit.

In some ways, I like having the freedom to not worry about this - or rather - the freedom to just sit around and worry about it, and nothing else. On the other hand, I have a feeling my time could be better spent than sitting on the landing pondering where to go for lunch. I've often thought that I wished I had some favorite spot where I would just go by default when I couldn't decide what to eat. However, nothing local to me has that sort of homey charm that makes it a suitable spot for regularly haunting. This is, I recognize, thoroughly ridiculous because I live within walking distance of a whole host of some of the best restaraunts in Philly. However, not being scandalously rich, I can't afford to treat myself like that every weekend.

Spending as much time by myself as I do - I feel silly cooking a fancy meal for myself, too. So, meal dithering is a fine tradition in my life. I'll often dither over where to eat lunch at work so often that my lunch hour flies by, too. Usually I just go and swim or workout when that's the case, actually - so that's better than just sitting with the cat.

Okay, aside from the rather unimportant realization that I spend a lot of time dithering - I think it's important to realize that I do feel more comfortable when I have a plan, and don't have nearly enough skill at plan-making to make that a source of strength in my life. There are two solutions, as I see it - be more spontaneous (ride the whirlwind), or be more efficient about making plans (embrace my German heritage).

I'll have to think about this. Next time I'm at the stairs at the top of the landing, I'll give it some thought.
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[7/10/2002 10:59:25 PM | David Krieger]
Before I read my email or do anything - I just want to get down how elated I feel at this moment - the night is perfect, cool and breezy and bright stars and a big moon. The city is quiet, and my car is fast, and the music so good that it makes me feel like my spirit is just going to rush out of me and push up the sky. Tonight the world is just as it should be, just exactly as it should be. I want to hop on my bike and go pedal faster and faster and faster until I fly off the ground and go sailing across the river. I want to fly in body as well as spirit.

Ah, such a night, and such unexpected delights. I'll savor the feeling while it lasts.