June 21st, 2002

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[6/21/2002 9:19:30 PM | David Krieger]
Biking Fun

I just put in fifty miles on Samsara today - it was fantastic! I kept wondering "why doesn't everyone do this?". I rode out to King of Prussia, saw a couple of movies, and then rode home. I'm bushed, but very happy.

And to top it off, Qui-Gon Bob finally wrote his race report for Escape from Ft. Delaware. I wish I could quote it here - he's as much of an inspiration as a writer as he is as an athlete, and he's quite a bit of both. And of course, he mentioned me, so naturally it was better than any other race report he's written...

I've had a lovely couple of days. I got to see my Aunt Jean and Uncle Charlie, who are just so incredibly warm and friendly. Aunt Jean is just delighted by people, and has a twinkle in her eye that would make the stars jealous. And my Uncle Charlie has this under-stated wry Southern sense of humor that just kills me. He's so mild with his jokes, it's almost easy to miss - until a second later you think, "Hey! That was really funny!" Both of them are the kind of people that make me glad to have a family.

Add to that an amazingly cool new video game, a long, personal-record setting ride today (averaged about 18mph) - and I'm a happy camper. Things are just the way they ought to be, I think. If only every day was as good as this one.