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Sweet Mama Java, Nurture Me!

It's payday.
What a relief! I've been so parsimonious for the past month or so, having to pay bills and buy gifts and all that. This is the first paycheck that I've been basically free and clear over. What a relief it was to wake up this morning (from some really odd dreams, at that) and think to myself, I have money!

I celebrated by stopping for coffee at the Wawa. Yes, that was my celebration, and you might think that's an awfully plebian celebration. It's true that I didn't have a Cristal mimosa out on the marble portico, you know, the one that's by the rosebushes, not the Southern exposed one with the aestertiums. Just coffee. But the acid mud they have for us here at work is simply unacceptable as anything other than a hot, black, bitter pill to self-medicate enough to drag my weary ass through the day. So the coffee at Wawa is a huge leap up in quality, though it's still not the potion of Fox's Cunning that Starbucks is. But you see, they have an ATM at the Wawa, and on payday, that is a very good thing.

When I stopped for the beautiful brew, there were many other people at a bank of coffee pots, trying to get at the liquid IQ. Groggily, we all shouldered past each other, nestling up to the long row of pots like piglets squirming to get at a sow's teats. Sweet mother of mornings, Mama Java, nurture me!

It's a good day. It's a Friday. I've got coffee, and money. I'll pay all the rest of the monthly bills, I'll get caught up on some other stuff. There's almost no one in the office today, and my annual review was yesterday, and nowhere near as painful as I expected, and I even got a raise. I have a really good feeling about this year - and right now, I'm just savoring the enticing aroma of 2004 before tucking in - like holding the morning cup of Joe while it's still too hot to drink. Waiting, waiting waiting for that first glorious sip. 2004, I will drink you!

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