Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

Hello, New Year!

Welcome, New Year!

I see you, peeking your head out around the corner there.

I am anxiously anticipating your arrival - I am nervous with anticipation, and thrilled at the prospect. I am like a school girl, waiting to be picked up for the prom. I am like an Airborne soldier, standing at the black door of a c-130, waiting for his first combat jump. I am the fisherman, feeling his first tug at the line. I am the lion, catching the distant scent of impala at the water hole.

You and I, we're going to get along just fine, 2004. Don't you pay any attention to 2003, she did me dirty, she did - and hung a few of my friends out to dry while she was at it. Maybe it's not her fault, maybe it's just her nature. But there was just something wrong with 2003, and it will be quite some time before all the dust from her passing settles. But things will be different with you, 2004, I can just sense it. You're going to be very special to me, I know, I know. And I will treat you right, 2004, oh yes I will. I will wake every morning, singing your praises, and telling everyone how great you are. I'll think of you fondly as I go to sleep each night. Even long after you are nothing but a memory to me, I will dream of all the wonderful times we shared together, and will wistfully think of you, and wish we were still together.

Oh there are so many fine things we'll do together, you and I. We'll scale the peaks of accomplishment, we'll surge through the bonds of inertia, we will explore new worlds of creativity. We'll work hard, we'll play hard. And we will laugh! Oh, how we will laugh together, 2004! In years to come, I will find myself laughing at odd intervals, just standing by myself, remembering the hijinks and capers you and I got up to.

But I don't want you to think I won't take you seriously, 2004! I will, I will. There will be many moments of quiet inspiration and sober reflection. I will work hard at seeing you for who you are, and what you mean - and to see beyond my own expectations. True, I will extoll your virtues, but I will also try my very best to see the truth in you; the good and the bad, the sacred and the profane. It is those dark moments that make the light seem all the more worthwhile, and I promise not to take you for granted.

2003 wasn't entirely without her virtues, it's true. And I don't want to speak ill of others, now that she won't be around to defend herself. But let's just say - I'm awfully glad you're going to be my special girl, 2004. I promise, you're my one and only, from here on out. Well, at least for the next 365 days. You have my undivided love and attention.

Now come on, New Year. Let's get it on!

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