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narlyë nat vanya

"narlyë nat vanya" is Quenya for "oh you sexy thing."

I must remember that. Though it's odd that it's Quenya - you'd think that elf-sex slang would be in Sindarin, which is sort of the ghetto language of the elves. I can't imagine a bunch of prissy Noldo getting all romantical on each other... but Sindar? Definitely. I mean, out amongst the trees and nature, with all that singing and poetry-reading? Aww yeah.

Anyway, the link is here, and you will learn lots of fascinating things, such as:

  • Elves get turned on by long hair and pretty voices.

  • Elves die if they are raped. But none ever were.

  • Elves don't celebrate their birth-days, they celebrate their conception-day. (kinky!)

  • Elves dig on gettin' it on, until they have children, and then they lose interest. Except for Feanor, who had seven kids, but he was always the Greatest of the Noldor anyway, and apparently in more than one way, if you know what I mean...

Really, this is a link for the ages. Many thanks to Sarcasmo for digging it up.

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