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Detail obsession

Okay, so I think I finally got this format in a satisfactory style. And it only took me hours of fiddling around to do it! Now, I still have to modify the friends, calendar, and other pages. Yikes!

Also, it's bugging me that all my Onwards entries are on the same day, so at some point I"ll probably go through and laboriously edit EACH friggin' one so the date is correct. Sigh.

Anyway - credit where it's due - the design which inspired this site design came from Asha / Arya / Sayuri's site - which I think looks sharper than mine, but then, it's not like I wanted to copy her outright. And I like the way my text lines up next to the picture of the stairway outside my house - plus I can easily change the picture and stuff. All around, I'm pretty happy with this layout.

Now I can add content that's worth a dang, right? Okay - so I will. :)

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