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Holy ferking snit!
Amazing movie, absolutely amazing. I think it was every bit as good as the original. But then, a sci-fi thriller with hot hacker-chicks, lots of martial arts actions, and philosophizin' is pretty much tailor made to make me go nuts. I won't post any spoilers, but the movie was amazing.

And see, the plan was to get a whole bunch of people together to go in Matrix-fashion to the movie. eruditus put the whole thing together, which was great. But did anyone else actually show up in the appropriate clothing? Well, no. So I was a little embarassed. On the other hand, when we stood in line, someone said, "I just want you guys to know that you're my personal heroes." And then eruditus said to me, "So how do you feel?" and I looked at him blankly and said, "Feel?"

Anyway, Lowell did show up, like me, in an agent suit. So... we got a
Agents at the movies

The movie was absolutely incredible. I shall post no spoilers, but I need to see it again to follow some of the philosophical discussion, which eerily mirror some of the coffee house philosophizin' I did on The Board a while back. Soooooo cool! Never mind the chuckle-heads you hear on the radio or whatever, panning it. They're just of such limited intellect that they couldn't understand what was going on. And there's a lot there - it's an intellectual movie was well as an action movie, which I found tremendously gratifying. Want to see it again!!

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